Love to Share!

The ‘Love to Share Joy’ Laila activation is designed to donate meals to the less fortunate ones during the Holy month of Ramadan, upholding the spirit of ‘Sharing’. Laila Foods in partnership with World Food Aid will donate Rice to the charity of your choice from the list on every special packs bought by you.

A Ramadan App is specially launched complete with useful features including Prayer timings, Mosque locations near you, Festive Recipes besides ‘Love to Share Joy’ donation drive.

Buy from any participating stores the Laila special packs of 5kg and 10kg rice, insert the unique code from the pack in to the App and choose the Charity you want to donate to.

The meals will reach the chosen charity and help share the joy.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Each pack of 5KG marked ‘Love to Share = One Meal’ donates equivalent to one portion of raw rice (75 G). Each pack of 10KG marked ‘One Pack = two Meals’ donates equivalent to two meals (150G) through World Food Aid to a list of UK charity organisations. Campaign timing: April-May 2019. WFA does not endorse any product or service.

Each pack of 5 Kg and 10 Kg has a unique code, which can be used only once. Splitting of meals is not allowed.

Once a meal has been donated through the Laila Ramadan App it cannot be amended. The only charity organisations that rice can be donated to are listed inside the Laila ‘Love to Share’ App.

You can redeem special pack code of Laila 5KG and 10KG Rice bags from any retailer only after the bag is purchased.

No donations of rice can be converted or exchanged for any monetary value. All is to be donated to charities as listed in the Laila’ Love to Share’ App. The only way in which a donation can be made is through the Laila ‘Love to Share’ App.

For more information about the Laila ‘Love to Share’ App please visit

Introducing 'Ramadan App' - Celebrate, Love and Share Joy

Laila ‘Love to Share’ is an application dedicated to the Muslims in the UK. Developed by Laila Foods to offer support to the practitioners of the faith during the holy month of Ramadan and even beyond.

The app brings information and features that is readily useful during the days of Ramadan.

From finding daily Prayer Times to locating a nearby Mosque and Qibla direction finder feature, from finding the Suhoor and Iftar feast times to suggesting a few delicious recipes, Laila Foods brings decades of experience of understanding their customers and their feedback all into this app to enhance their quality of life just that bit better.

We hope that you’ll enjoy using the app. We would appreciate your feedback on to help us improve the app.

Laila Ramadan App
Packed with Amazing Features!

Love to Share

The feature allows you to register, create Meal Value from the pack you bought and donate to the listed charity of your choice

Daily Prayer Times

for daily prayer times of Fajr, Suhoor, DShuhr, Asr, Magrib, Isha with alarm setting with next prayer time indicator.

Ramadan Rice Recipes

Offers a wide range of special Ramadan dishes from Starters, to Main Courses to Desserts to be relished during the holy month of Ramadan.

Mosque Finder

is a feature for locating nearby mosques or you can enter the postcode and the app feature will direct you to the nearby mosques to that postcode.

Suhoor & Iftar Times

This feature gives the time for Suhoor and Iftar according to the moon sighting during the holy month of Ramadan.

Qibla Direction Finder

Makes finding the Qibla (direction to Mecca) as easy as looking up a map.

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